The easy path to the earth pyramids of Percha

An experience in Sudtirol for the whole family

the earth pyramids of Percha

The excursion to the earth pyramids of Percha combines a walk in the mountains along an easy path with a natural spectacle of rare beauty. The earth pyramids are located in Plata, in the municipality of Percha, a few kilometres from Bruneck.

The road to the Earth pyramids of Perca

To reach them, take the Val Pusteria state road to Perca (from Brunico in the direction of Dobbiaco-San Candido); in Perca, turn in the direction of Vila di Sopra: the road climbs for about four kilometres; once in Vila di Sopra, take via Plata, located just outside the town centre. Go along via Plata for a little more than 500 metres and you will reach the P1 car park, where you can leave your car and take the path that climbs into the wood, well indicated by the signs of the Vedrette of Ries-Aurina Nature Park.

The duration of the path in the forest is about 40 minutes, the path can be tackled by anyone, and even if there are some challenging stretches is a walk suitable for the whole family.

Once you reach the site of the pyramids, some panoramic viewpoints allow you to see what is a spectacle of nature, formed by landslide movements and erosion of wind, water and ice. The peculiarity is that the earth pyramids are constantly changing, they vary with the passage of time and new ones are always formed.

Earth pyramids of Perca

The earth pyramids of Percha can also be reached in the middle of winter, when, covered with snow, they give off a magnetic charm in the eyes of visitors.

At the earth pyramids of Percha you can see ow nature can shape the earth and give bizarre aspects.

The earth pyramids of Percha are an accessible place, easy to reach even for untrained people, but above all, they are a place that you must absolutely see.

Earth pyramids of Perca