The walk to Lake Dobbiaco: 6 easy Km.

A wonder of the Dolomites accessible by the whole family.

Walk to Lake Dobbiaco

The walk to Lake Dobbiaco is suitable for the whole family, even with small children and baby strollers.

The path to the lake starts in the area of the railway station, for this reason my advice is to reach Dobbiaco by train, to avoid the traffic of the Val Pusteria state road, especially in the evening hours.

The Dobbiaco railway station

If you absolutely can’t avoid using your car, the suggestion is to use the car park at the station.

Before leaving for the excursion, I recommend a stop at the Visitor Centre of the Three Peaks Nature Park, housed in the former Grand Hotel of Dobbiaco.

the Visitor Centre of the Three Peaks Nature Park

Here you will find a lot of information about the park, the village, the origins of these beautiful mountains and the various activities that can be done: trekking, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, walks, food and wine itineraries.

When you are full of information for the days to come, you are ready to start your walk to the lake Dobbiaco!

The walk to Lake Dobbiaco

To reach the beginning of the route you have to go back to Via Stazione, cross Via Dolomiti and take Via Rienza: after a hundred meters, on the left, just before the underpass and in front of the Carabinieri station, the walk starts, always perfectly indicated by the signs.

The path to the lake is about 3 km long, it takes just over half an hour to reach it.

On the way you will find the Nordic Arena sports centre, the Dobbiaco Adventure Park and the village of Seghe, with its pretty little church.

Little church of Seghe

Continuing on the path through the woods, you will soon reach the shores of Lake Dobbiaco: an emerald green stretch of water nestled between the region of the Three Peaks Park, it’s a wonder of the Dolomites.

A trail accessible by the whole family

Once you reach the lake you can walk along the Nature Trail, which follows its perimeter and offers, with special panels, information and activities for young and old.

The lake of Dobbiaco

We faced the tour of the lake counterclockwise, because it allowed us to enjoy first the beach and then the shade to refresh ourselves.

The tour of the lake

The lakeside promenade also offers several picnic spots, as well as catering facilities and bars. Also this route, like the whole walk, is accessible by the whole family, even with strollers.

The return journey is on the same route as the outward journey.

The walk to Lake Dobbiaco is an easy tour in a magnificent park, a wonder of the Dolomites accessible by the whole family, a place you absolutely must see.

Total length: 6 km
Duration: 3 hours
Level: very easy.

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