The waterfalls of Riva di Tures: 3 spectacular water jumps

An excursion suitable for the whole family.

The waterfalls of Riva di Tures

The power of the water is a natural spectacle of inestimable beauty, if it is multiplied by three you can understand why the waterfalls of Riva di Tures are a place to see absolutely.
It is easy to get there: in Brunico take the road to the Ahrntal valley, before reaching Molini turn right for Caminata and then follow the signs for the waterfalls.
The most convenient parking is next to the bar “Wasserfall” in Cantuccio, alternatively you can stop at the hotel Bad Winkel and continue on foot.

The route (almost 2 km) starts from the waterfall bar and forks off immediately: you can follow the most direct or the most scenic route, both are passable without problems and without particular preparation, it is in fact an excursion suitable for the whole family.

The time to enjoy the best of this beautiful excursion is certainly early in the morning, when the path is less beaten by tourists. The path winds through the woods with a never excessive slope, leaving time to enjoy the scents and games of light and dark that filter from the foliage of the trees.

The waterfalls of Riva di Tures are composed of three different jumps, positioned at different altitudes.
The first two waterfalls are very beautiful, but it is certainly the third that leaves you breathless, also because it is the one that allows you to get closer to the roar of water. For this reason it is essential to be equipped with a Kway or waterproof jacket to fully enjoy this moment, and not be hit by the cloud of water generated by the waterfalls.

Crossing the next bridge the route continues: we meet in succession the start of the cable car pulley that we can use to go back and the chapel of St. Francis. In short, a half-day excursion to a destination to see absolutely.

Tip: after the ascent and descent, nothing better than to stop along the banks of the Rio Riva for a picnic and to refresh your feet in the clear and cool waters.